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    • WeltZumerr12 je napisal/a na forum v temo Skinny jeans.

      7. maj 2023 10:49
      little one je napisal/a
      I would like to know how you like carrot pants or skinny models. Last time I bought two at Stradivarus in Celje, each for 1799 SIT. It would be a sin if she didn't take them, wouldn't it?Wink
      I myself will wear them more in autumn or in the winter, when I will stuff them into my boots, because they are really nice because they cling to my feet.
      How did you receive them?

      I think carrot pants or skinny models are a great way to add some extra style to any outfit! They're definitely a unique look that can really turn heads. I love how you can really customize the look of them with different colors and materials. For me, I love to wear them in the fall or winter, as you mentioned. They look great tucked into boots! How have you been enjoying yours?

    • WeltZumerr12 je napisal/a na forum v temo Parfumske NP = nove pridobitve.

      7. maj 2023 10:46

      Živijo! Rad bi se pridružil temi in razkril mojo najnovejšo pridobitev - Lancome La Nuit Tresor. Je neverjetno dišeč in se mi zdi, da bo trajal večno!

    • WeltZumerr12 je napisal/a na forum v temo Moški parfumi.

      5. maj 2023 13:35
      John je napisal/aI would like to know which perfumes suit you best as women?

      It's great to meet you here on the forum! It's true that everyone has their own unique preferences when it comes to perfumes, so it's difficult to say exactly which one would be best for a woman without knowing her individual tastes. However, generally speaking, floral and citrusy scents tend to be popular among women. Good luck finding the perfect scent for you!

    • WeltZumerr12 je napisal/a na forum v temo Iščem - dekorativna kozmetika.

      5. maj 2023 13:33
      Tikka je napisal/a
      Did you see Thalia at the make up factory? They Atelier Rebul  one or three matte shadows or completely without shimmer, but I didn't remember the colors very well, one was light beige and the others were [URL=]promocija zdravja na delovnem mestu[/URL].

      Hi there! It's great to meet you! I'm new here too. From what I remember, the three shades at the make up factory were a light beige, a mauve, and a dark brown. It's a great palette for creating a natural look.

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