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Kiko Mirror Nail Lacquer

Mirror Nail Lacquer, limited edition mirror effect nail polish with an ultra-radiant, metallic finish. The special mirror formula is enriched with aluminum micro-pearls with a strong reflective power, creating a glossy metallic effect on the surface of the nail. After application, the ...
Ocena: 3.25 (na podlagi 2 glasov)

Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo SPF 15

Stylo lipstick with an extra-shiny gloss finish and SPF 15. A smooth texture, with brand-new sensoriality that combines the shine and wet look of a gloss, with the comfort and colour purity of a lipstick. Hypoallergenic.
Ocena: 4.75 (na podlagi 1 glasov)

Kiko Invigorating and Smoothing Base

It levels the nail surface, covers the imperfections and provides a perfectly smooth base for applying the polish thanks to the ridge-filler action. The alga extract carries out a regenerative and moisturizing action. It is advisable to apply a layer on clean nails as a base. It can also be used by ...
Ocena: 4.5 (na podlagi 1 glasov)

Kiko Cheeky Colour Creamy Blush

Creamy blush with a silky touch and radiant finish. A touch of long-lasting colour melts onto the skin, sculpting and highlighting the cheeks and cheekbones in a natural way. Practical to use and with sophisticated results. Thanks to its rounded shape, the blush is easy to apply directly to cheeks. ...
Ocena: 4.5 (na podlagi 1 glasov)

Kiko Quick Dry Nail Lacquer

Quick dry nail polish in 40 shades. Fast and easy to apply, Quick Dry's special formula enriched with ingredients that enable colour to set quickly revolutionizes drying time. The first layer dries in less than 60 seconds*. The formula contains a high percentage of pigment for an instant colour ...
Ocena: 3 (na podlagi 2 glasov)
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