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Kiko Nail Lacquer

Nail polish with a hardening and strengthening action. The gel texture provides extreme lacquered shine and the ideal fluidity for perfect control when applying and extremely easy application. Special resins make it easier for pigments to stick to the nail, creating a resistant and elastic film ...
Ocena: 4.49 (na podlagi 13 glasov)

Kiko Glass Nail File

Steklena pila, primerna za naravne in umetne nohte.
Ocena: 3.75 (na podlagi 2 glasov)

Kiko Mirror Nail Lacquer

Mirror Nail Lacquer, limited edition mirror effect nail polish with an ultra-radiant, metallic finish. The special mirror formula is enriched with aluminum micro-pearls with a strong reflective power, creating a glossy metallic effect on the surface of the nail. After application, the ...
Ocena: 3.25 (na podlagi 2 glasov)

Kiko Sugar mat lak

Dolgoobstojen lak za nohte z zrnastim efektom. 11 ml
Ocena: 5 (na podlagi 1 glasov)

Kiko Quick Dry Nail Lacquer

Quick dry nail polish in 40 shades. Fast and easy to apply, Quick Dry's special formula enriched with ingredients that enable colour to set quickly revolutionizes drying time. The first layer dries in less than 60 seconds*. The formula contains a high percentage of pigment for an instant colour ...
Ocena: 3 (na podlagi 2 glasov)
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