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Eyes Lips Face

We at e.l.f. believe that innovative technology, quality ingredients and superb delivery systems should not be limited to prestige retailers. Every woman should have the opportunity to participate in innovation, without sacrificing her budget. Our cosmetics are designed to improve and accentuate the individual, not hide her away.

e.l.f. has been a revolution in the beauty industry, turning heads away from more expensive brands with its unique approach. These values extend to recently launched new lines of bath products and fine mineral make-up.

Some can
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Everyday Minerals

Everyday Minerals Makeup. Created by estheticians and skin care professionals, Everyday Minerals is a unique mineral makeup that allows women everywhere to achieve their own personal and timeless beauty style. Not a fad or trend but a style that gives you the confidence to make your own beauty decisions, the kind that match your mood and look.
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  • [*jag0da*] 14. jul 2020 11:04
    Odlična formula
  • Tanja 15. apr 2020 13:56
    Pozitivno presenečenje :)
  • Tanja 25. mar 2020 19:31
    Uau! Totalno pozitivno presenečenje
  • numi 24. mar 2020 18:18
  • numi 24. mar 2020 18:00
    Dobra ampak
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