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Bee Natural

Bee Natural is for people who are seeking a more natural approach to living, and for those who can differentiate between cost and value. Bee Natural is all about authentic value: natural ingredients; the highest quality; a fair price; no gimmicks. Bee Natural is bee-yond lip balm. It is an aspiration, an attitude, and an authentic approach to living. Bee Yourself. Bee Natural.
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Ocena: 2.5 (na podlagi 2 glasov)

Bell HYPOAllergenic

The bell company is a recognized producer and distributor of colour cosmetics. We are proud of our products, which meet the highest global standards.
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Are you ready to switch from makeup that is full of chemicals to all natural makeup products? Bella Pierre has what you need to look your best and youngest. Try our mineral makeup blush or even our natural makeup foundation. We promise you won't be disappointed. With 100% mica being our main ingredient, your skin is allowed to breathe and be its vibrant self at the same time. You'll find that Bella Pierre offers you exactly what you're looking for. Are you unsure about trying something new? Read our articles to find all the information you'll need to compare mineral make up.
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Organski izdelki, ki ne vsebujejo konzervansov in barvil. Ne testirajo na živalih. Surovi materiali ne vsebujejo niklja, kroma, kobalta, dioksina, O.G.M., so rastlinskega izvora, ne vsebujejo alkohola, barvil in živalskih substanc.
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Ocena: 4 (na podlagi 1 glasov)
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Ocena: 3.67 (na podlagi 33 glasov)
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