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Pevonia Botanica

A journey to skin radiance...
Pevonia Botanica spa care believes everyone deserves to look youthful and feel healthy, reflecting one's own alluring skin radiance.

Ingredient synergy...
Offering a complete line of spa care products containing the finest natural marine and botanical ingredients, combined with technologically advanced formulas and treatments to deliver outstanding results.

Environmentally & Animal Friendly...
Protecting and preserving the planet is a global responsibility. An integral part of Pevonia's philosophy is to maintain an affinity with nature and its precious resources. Pevonia's packaging is fully post-consumer recyclable and fully biodegradable. Pevonia maintains its solid stance against any form of animal testing.

Pevonia Botanica...
always researching...
scientifically implementing...
continuously providing you
skincare health and effective age management...
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REN je čista nega. Verjamemo, da je zdrava koža tudi videti lepše, zato smo uvedli koncept čiste nege. Uporabljamo najnovejše kozmetične sestavine, ki so koži prijazne. Rezultat? Dolgoročno bolj zdrava, nahranjena, čudovita koža.
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Our philosophy is simple. To create great products at an affordable price. We place our emphasis on the quality of ingredients and shy away from inflating the value of our products with unnecessary expensive packaging. After all, we believe our customers are more interested in the quality of the contents rather than the container. We believe in being as natural as possible and avoid using contentious ingredients. You will never find mineral oils, silicones, parabens, or SLS in any of our products. We strive to create non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic products by careful selection of our raw materials. Our selection includes chemical peels - glycolic acid, salicylic acid, mandelic acid, for rejuvenating the skin. Hyaluronic acid based serums with a selection of highly effective active agents to address a range of skin issues; fabulous cleansers, toners and moisturising creams for the classic cleanse tone moisturiser routine; eye serums; and our best selling Vitamin C serum.
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We are the United Kingdom's second-largest beauty and health retailer currently operating over 900 stores in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We currently have 226 in-store pharmacies.
Our purpose is to be the best in everyday accessible beauty and are committed to bringing innovation and the latest styles and trends to every high street in the UK and Southern Ireland at fantastic prices. From Superdrug Own Brand labels such as Solait suncare, Optimum skincare, our Essentials brand and exclusive cosmetics brands such as GOSH, Bloom and Famous together with landing branded launches first on the high street from L
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