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Burberry - Ženski parfumi

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Burberry Brit

Live From London. The new Burberry Brit Fragrance by Burberrys epitomizes modern day British style. A timeless scent with a spirited attitude. Classic, Fresh, Feminine. The Brit girl embodies the playful British spirit of individuality. She's outrageous, but always charming and unpredictably sexy. ...
Ocena: 3.88 (na podlagi 8 glasov)

Burberry London

Burberry creates the idea of romance and intimacy on a London day out but also keeps the carefree and original mood which characterises quintessential Englishness and Burberry's distinctiveness. This elegant and sophisticated floral fragrance features top notes of rose, clementine and honeysuckle. ...
Ocena: 4.1 (na podlagi 5 glasov)

Burberry Baby Touch

Baby Touch reflects the joy of youth. The enticing sparkle of citrus fruit, the freshness of wild mint, and the insolence of rhubarb jelly are combined with orange - against a background of tree moss, a few drops of vanilla, and a drop of milk. Notes include Citrus Fruit, Wild Mint, Orange ...
Ocena: 3.5 (na podlagi 6 glasov)

Burberry The Beat

Dišava je cvetlično-lesna in vsebuje note bergamotke, mandarine, cejlonskega čaja, cimeta, roza popra, hijacinte, orhideje, belega muškata, vetiverja in cedrovine. Vonj je mladosten, vesel in čist.
Ocena: 4.25 (na podlagi 3 glasov)

Burberry Touch

A fragrance which speaks of a unique and universal femininity, a scent that suggests comfort and intimacy, like the fragrance of garment worn next to the skin. A radiant oriental medley revealing a glittering signature of purity and pleasure, like fine, scented rain that lends a feeling of ...
Ocena: 3.56 (na podlagi 4 glasov)
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