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Mueller Handels AG Schweiz
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Cera di Cupra

1000's of women around the world have been successfully hiding one secret for years thanks to Cera di Cupra skincare range - their real age!

Rich with beeswax, glycerine and other sophisticated ingredients, Cera di Cupra facial creams effectively protect and moisture the skin of the face, preventing it from ageing. Smog, wind and the sun's rays cause serious damage to the skin which therefore needs protection and moisturising. For this reason the "anti-ageing effect" Cera di Cupra has been formulated: a soft emulsion, which thanks to the best active ingredients, nourishes and protects the skin deep down and helps to slow down the skin's ageing process. Cera di Cupra is a natural product as all the ingredients (beeswax and glycerine) are supplied through the generosity of Mother Nature. Glycerin and virgin beeswax together are ideal for use in moisturizing products. Because they're all natural and don't irritate the skin, they are also suitable for sensitive skin products.
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CeraVe does more than just moisturize the skin’s surface — it’s the first and only brand to offer a full line of products containing an exclusive combination of vital ceramides healthy skin needs. The CeraVe Ceramides Story Skin naturally contains ceramides. Over time, ceramides become depleted, leading to dry and irritated skin. CeraVe helps replenish the vital ceramides healthy skin needs. It's formulated with a unique combination of three ceramides (called 1, 3, and 6-II). Only CeraVe delivers ceramides through a patented, controlled-release technology that penetrates the skin's surface, to help rebuild the skin's protective barrier and lock in moisture all day.
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