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Nvey Eco

Dekorativna kozmetika Nvey Eco je ustvarjena z izključno BIO organskimi recepturami in metodami, uporablja se harmonijo skrbno izbranih rastlin in mineralnih sestavin, ki so spojene z naravnimi botaničnimi izvlečki in učinkovitimi antioksidanti, da se pridobijo čista, nežna in izjemno učinkovita ličila.
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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

The premise was simple: develop a complete line of professional quality cosmetics inspired by makeup artist solutions to on-set challenges, not only for insiders but for enthusiasts everywhere. In an already overcrowded marketplace, the commitment to innovation in formulation and colour selection is what set OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE COSMETICS apart from the rest.

In June 2004, Makeup Artist and OCC Founder David Klasfeld created the line to meet the growing demand for airbrush cosmetics that would translate to a ?real skin? finish in Hi-Definition, unlike the formulas then on the market which were created primarily for Special FX and Body Painting. OCC Skin, the company?s water- based, oil-free foundation did just that. Klasfeld took his product and airbrush knowledge to conduct training seminars for the makeup departments of major networks and television shows, and the line soon developed a devoted following within the professional community.

In September 2008, fellow New York Makeup Artist Katie Pellegrino inspired Klasfeld to create a product which would go on to revolutionize the line. The two developed Lip Tar, a unique hybrid of lipstick and lip gloss to meet the new challenge presented now that runway makeup had to be HD-ready for an upcoming Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Its reception backstage at the collections made it clear that Lip Tar was truly a product without parallel on the market. The highly pigmented, opaque product applied with the ease of a gloss but offered an ultra longwearing yet comfortable demi-matte finish that consumers and artists alike thirsted after. Available in a range of fashion forward shades, the product became known almost instantly both for its versatility and wearability.

The pair later brought their new offering to industry trade shows, where it would eventually be noticed and heralded by WWD as ?the talk of The Makeup Show LA.? The word soon spread, and the product began receiving accolades from Makeup Bloggers and YouTube Gurus online, as well as the mainstream beauty press, including Nylon Magazine who designated Lip Tar as ?the next big thing.? As the year closed out, it was clear that OCC was on its way to being the most talked about cosmetics line of the new decade. The makeup community developed a new obsession, and OCC was happy to be the first brand to celebrate the driving compulsions of makeup fanatics everywhere.

100% Vegan and PETA-Approved, OCC pledges not to use animal-derived ingredients such as Lanolin, Beeswax and Carmine in our products, to raise the bar on what is considered a Cruelty Free cosmetic brand. "Beyond our personal ethics, we simply believe that it's unnecessary when there are non-animal derived alternatives that are as readily available and equally effective in the formulation of our products," says company founder David Klasfeld.
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