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Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

Blemish Balm, also called BB Cream, is known to have been formulated as an after-treatment cream to help patients who have gone through laser skin surgery to soothe and regenerate the skin. The M Perfect Cover BB Cream gives an even and natural-looking coverage with the soothing, moisturising ...
Ocena: 4.77 (na podlagi 8 glasov)

Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream

The Signature Real Complete BB Cream softens the appearance of imperfections for an even complexion that still looks natural. While providing gentle coverage, it also treats blemishes and contains wrinkle-preventing antioxidants to improve your skin over time. Hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic, and ...
Ocena: 4 (na podlagi 3 glasov)

Missha Time Revolution Night Repair New Science Activator Ampoule

The complete science behind beautiful skin. Use the essential Activator Ampoule on a daily basis to get smooth and firm, beautiful skin. It provides your skin with extra nutrients and moisture that you are not getting from basic skincare. The Ampoule energizes, repairs, and restores elasticity. It ...
Ocena: 4.5 (na podlagi 1 glasov)

Missha Misa Geum Sul First Essence Booster

The highly-concentrated oriental Booster is for the very first step in your skincare regimen as it awakens your skin. It helps control oil-moisture balance, soothes to improve skin texture, nourishes, vitalizes, and purifies. Also provides wrinkle repairing and whitening benefits. Made with wild ...
Ocena: 4.5 (na podlagi 1 glasov)

Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence

The very FIRST step to your skin care regimen. Back to the Basics, a Stepping Stone to a Healthier and New Skin. Contains 80% Fermented Yeast Concentrate, “FISSIONE", which absorbs into skin instantly to energize your skin. Also contains Niacinamide, a Vitamin B3 component, to improve skin ...
Ocena: 3.25 (na podlagi 1 glasov)
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