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Guerlain Mitsouko

Launched by the design house of Guerlain in 1919, Mitsouko perfume is classified as a refined, woody, mossy fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of an exotic blend of fruits and spices. It is recommended for romantic wear.
Ocena: 4.25 (na podlagi 1 glasov)

Guerlain Noir G de Guerlain Exceptional Complete Mascara

This innovative mascara combines the extravagant luxury of a mirrored jewel case with a do-it-all formula that adds volume, lengthens, and curls. Black Pigments create perfectly defined eyes without any risk of smearing, smudging, or clumping. A fortifying agent helps to regenerate lashes by ...
Ocena: 4.25 (na podlagi 1 glasov)

Guerlain Mon Guerlain Eau de Toilette

Mon Guerlain is a tribute to today’s femininity: a strong, free and sensual femininity, inspired by Angelina Jolie. The Eau de Toilette Mon Guerlain is a tribute to a free woman, with all that this encompasses in terms of strength, daring and courage. Braking free from convention, she is ...
Ocena: 4.25 (na podlagi 1 glasov)

Guerlain KissKiss Essence de Gloss

KissKiss Essence de Gloss is a real lip care product. Its extreme shine reshapes the lips and its active ingredients (samphire, sweet orange) help make them look and stay more beautiful. The exceptional texture envelops the lips in softness and comfort. 8 intense, pure and ultra-bright shades.
Ocena: 2.63 (na podlagi 2 glasov)

Guerlain Terracotta Retractable Brush

Potovalni čopič za puder/bronzer.
Ocena: 4 (na podlagi 1 glasov)
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  • [*jag0da*] 14. jul 2020 11:04
    Odlična formula
  • Tanja 15. apr 2020 13:56
    Pozitivno presenečenje :)
  • Tanja 25. mar 2020 19:31
    Uau! Totalno pozitivno presenečenje
  • numi 24. mar 2020 18:18
  • numi 24. mar 2020 18:00
    Dobra ampak
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